About Us

In the fall of 2007 I aggregated a bunch of email addresses from local mountain bikers and started a listserve and subsequent club. Over the course of the ensuing years we have evolved into a very impressive entity in the local mountain biking scene, and seem to be the catalyst for creating a local riding mecca!

This group and the mountain biking camaraderie it provides is personally very valuable to me. Our group rides are always highlights of my week, and it's awesome to have so many ride choices each week!

The NDO Group has always prided itself on respect for, and preservation of the land we use. We ideally want the open spaces we ride on to be improved based on our usage. We should always keep trails clean, pack out all trash, respect the off-trail land, not cause erosion, emphasize respect for other users of the trials, etc. Our core group also works in concert with the local Conservation and Trails Committees in a valuable joint effort to maintain all the property we have access to. We are lucky enough to have some of these committee members on this list. They are supportive of what we do and we want to keep it that way. Working together respectfully is the only way we will be able to maintain access to all the great open spaces.

The 100 plus members of our group have varying interest in mountain biking including XC, trail, all mountain, downhill, and freeride. Some are very serious about the sport, others are much more recreational, and others tend to be mostly interested in the family/kids rides we do once in a while. For this reason there is a second level of respect I think we owe all our members, and that is to keep all posts respectful. Having fun with posts and railing on each other is totally cool, but we always want to avoid real trash talk. It simply isn't acceptable to the majority of our members.

Our group has a great "personality" and we should fight to keep it that way. We have no elitists, have always welcomed new members, have been an inspiration for staying healthy and riding harder and better, have promoted respect and stewardship of the land, and best of all we keep each other in touch with the inner child in each of us!

Let's ride!!!

Scott Stathis