Ride Pace Descriptions

'So how fast do you guys go? Will I be able to keep up?'

This is the most common question that new club members ask, so I thought I would dedicate a page to some answers:

Common Descriptions for the Pace of a Ride:


I think this one is self-evident, but basically this means that we are going pretty slow, and everyone will be waited for at each turn in the trail. The ride leader generally will take stock of all particicpants at each junction


'Practice Your Technique', These rides are designed to improve the technical skills of everyone on the ride. We encourage everyone to try every stunt they see, and we'll spot folks to make sure they don't have any nasty landings. Its common for us to film these events for later use on the website (and for our own laughs!). These are really fun rides.


This is probably the most common pace for our rides these days... everyone is always accounted for (nobody gets 'dropped', or left behind) but we try and maintain a good pace so we can see as much trail as possible in the short time we are out. These rides tend to have an alternating intensity (hard effort up the big hill, nice cruise down the back, hard effort up the small obstacle, etc) and we commonly take breathers to catch our breath and count everyone.


'NO BS' means 'come prepared'... bike prepared, body prepared, mind prepared.

This is the least common ride, but they can be a lot of fun! Usually these end up being smaller groups (3-5 people) and we commonly ride for longer time/distance than usual. We still wait for everyone (for safety's sake) but if you are really lagging behind, we won't hesitate to recommend a few routes back to the car along the way... The goal of these rides is maximum distance in the time allotted. We commonly exceed 2.5-3hrs in the saddle, with special events running upwards of 6 hours ride time!